Practices in logic topics.

Hello good Morning.

Greetings from Mexico. I am starting in the development with outsystems technology. Previously I worked as a java developer. I have problems creating flows in outsystem, what good practices can I do or examples to learn more. ?

For Each
Refresh Data
Ajax Refresh
Run Server Action
Server Action


Hello Cristian

Welcome to the community! 

You will find no complexity in using the OutSystems. Just once you need to look into the processes that how it works and training modules.

Below are some links could help you - 

  1. The Practice of Traditional Development - Here you are find training videos and practice exercise for the concepts you listed in post.
  2. The Best Practice Document - Could help you to follow the best practice while using the development concepts
  3. How To Videos - You can also refer the small How to Videos for better understanding.   

Please feel free to ask in case you need any assistance with specific topic 

Happy Coding :) 

Hi Cristian,

Welcome to the OutSystems world!!

Since you have already programming experience, I would recommend you to checkout a dedicated acceleration course specifically designed for experienced developers. 

Following Getting Started with OutSystems for Java Developers course you can map your existing knowledge as a Java developer to the OutSystems platform.



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