What can you exactly achieve with the FREE plan for OutSystems?

Good morning Outsystems community, 

I would like to ask whether it is possible to release an app with Outsyetems through the Free plan. The company I am working with would like me to use this plateforme but they are not yet willing to pay for a monthly plan before they see what we can achieve with this plateforme. 

In other words, I want to know what are the limitations for the FREE plan if I don't use any Cloud service from Outsytems, but connect to Microsoft Sharepoint, which my company has already a paid plan.

Thanks in advance!


Hello Pierre.

To create OutSystems apps to the stores, the app and the server the app connect to needs to be in OutSystems. It can connect to your Sharepoint cloud, sure, but you can't shut down OS completely. It can be done in the free version.

The only limitations of the free license are the usual ones: limitation on users/performance/space and no uptime guarantee.

Thanks for your reply, as for the space, is the application size taken into account? The company I work with had some issues with Power app last time they used it. They made an app, but it end up being too big, which required them to pay additional fees for the distribution of it. I want to know if it would be the same in OS. Thanks in advance.


Makes sense that it does because you can get it from the OS server, ignoring the stores.

The space you have in the free version is 2GB, is that enough for you? if not, you can ask for a trial license (better conditions, shorter time period).

Thank you for the reply again. I've got one last question. So how exactly do we release an app under the Free plan then? Since there is no continuous integration and deployment under this plan.


In free you have a single environment so the moment you publish, it becomes available to the final user.

What you can do is have a clone app for your tests and only replace the public app after you are confident.

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