OutSystems reactive default screen for each role

Is there a way to specify a default screen for a user role in reactive. For example I have role A and B. Both roles have acess to screen 1 and 2 but i want Role A to go directly to screen 1 and Role B directly to screen 2 when opening a page.

I solved this in login with something like this

But after login if i close the page and open it again every role will go to the same page. The default page. 
Is there any solutions for this?

Hi Flávio,

can you be a bit more specific? Which one is the default page?


In this case only one of the screen can be default so  in this example screen 1 is default.

"But after login if i close the page and open it again every role will go to the same page. The default page."

Open it again means going directly to the screen URL without login?

Yes, exactly. Since the login is presistent the user will still be logged in for some time.

Let's say Requests is screen 1 and Schedules is screen 2. If you type the URL directly to Schedules it is redirecting to Requests??

Not quite. Lets say that my app has this url https://www.xpto/MyApp

This is my app URL. If i go to this link it will always open in the defaul screen that is Requests

Ok, got it, that's the right behaviour. The system is only redirecting after login.

Thinking a quick solution for that would be a client variable controling if there was any other page opened before this default. That verification would have to happen on every other screen (i.e. use a block on the menu for that).

So the client variable would be false when the user enters the default screen. When the client variable is false it would be redirected to the other screen and the client variable set to true.

If he access any other page before the default screen it should also set the client variable to true, so when he wanted to access the Requests screen wouldn't redirect him anymore.

Thank you for the answer i will try this. But i have a question and i might be wrong but if i close the page the client variable will still be true right? Only if i log out the client variable will be false

For Session variables the timeout is 20 minutes. In reactive I'm not sure if the same.

Why don't you change the default screen to an empty screen with only the logic to redirect the users?

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