Problem for selecting elements depending on layout

Hi guys,

We encounter an issue which is really slowing us down.

We have the same layout on most of the pages of our app. The standard layout was updated recently. Since this update, we can't select elements or use right/left click when we work on pages in Service Studio (see video attached outsystems-layout-1.mp4 - I keep clicking and not many things can be selected...).

If I switch the page layout to another (blank), then I can select and use right/left clicks like it used to be (see video attached outsystems-layout-2.mp4 - now it's easy to select elements...).

So it's clear that we need to fix this layout but do you know what we should be looking for?

Did you ever experience something similar?

Thank you :)


Hello @Maxime Baracco,

In the first scenario where you are unable to select, right-click/ left-click, what happens when you double click? Does that allow you to then left-click/ right-click subsequently?


Hi @AJ.

When I double click it opens the OnSort client action of the table (always, doesn't matter where I'm clicking in the table)

Hi guys,

I think I found the issue. We created a conditional inline style on the top container of the layout:

"pointer-events: none;"
,"pointer-events: all;")

(we need this logic for our app...)

But if I change it to:

"pointer-events: all;"
,"pointer-events: none;")

Then I can select and click normally... So I assume that Service Studio does render the first CSS item, even if it restricts the ability to click elements for the developer. It's also not consistent, since I could click a table (but not the content of a table), or a minimized popup block...

What do you think?

My workaround works for now, but should we do this differently?

Thank you

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