how to specify the variable of structure I want to set  text data
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hi, i understand how to set data into structure's value. like this: = "test"

but its different from I want to do. what i want to do is like this:

 varName = "name"

contact[varName] = "test"

is it impossible in outsystems?

i want to make an action to set value into structure

 name: setContactValue

 in1:  varName

 in2:  value

Hi Jiro,

Why do you want to do like this? Is there any specific reason behind this implementation?

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i am using data grid reactive which is not supported by out systems but very useful.

in data grid reactive, when data is changed, an action called and which has the new value

but it can not set the value into aggregate directly.

so i want to set the value into structure by using an action like I said.

Ok. Aggregates are just used for fetching the data from the entity. You can pass only the parameters to pull the filtered data. Is it possible for you to share the OML? 

Also, please refer the below links to know more about Aggregates/Structures and Assignment.

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