How to set input parameters to a conditional start
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.11.5 (Build 44224)


In this page ( is said that "A Conditional Start process activity can have input parameters, output parameters and callback actions." but it only allows me to create an output parameter:

This ConditionalStart1 is set to start when I update an entity . I want to access the data that was just updated, so I assumed it would be an input parameter. Is that wrong? Is that possible at all? I'm using ConditionalStart to simulate a database trigger, just like in this video

Thank you!

Hi Rafael,

in the ConditionalStart flow don't you have access to the scope of the main flow as well?


In the architecture suggested in the video, you have a main process that can have multiple ConditionalStart, each one starting on create/update of different entities, so I can't use the process' inputParameter and I expected doing it on the ConditionalStart's inputParameter

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