InApp what case this Security come "Not checking if the mobile device is compromised"
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.6 (Build 44614)

Hi Devs,

I need to know the reason, that

In Mobile App what case/scenario/implementation this OS Architecture Dashboard > Security issue come
"Not checking if the mobile device is compromised"

I mean that, is this occurring in the 1st instance when we create a mobile App is created or while using local entities or other functionality interaction it will populate.

& as it suggested Secure Device Forge Component for mobile, it shows deprecated whereas AppSheild required some additional costs.

So, Any alternative for this Secure Device Plugin, which you have also tested & Integrated, and afterward this AD issue is also resolved.

Advance Cheers


Hi Mehul,

I have no experience with this finding for Mobile Apps in AD, but I did find a similar Forge component called Device Security that is compatible with OutSystems 11. You can try it out and see if it fixes the finding in AD.

At the bottom of the following post, the creator of the component even explains the difference with the Secure Device plugin that AD mentions.

Hope this helps.

PS: I will also report to OutSystems that a deprecated Forge component is suggested as a fix in AD.



Thanks Nordin,

But I'm looking for the specific reason for occurring in AD Like using server actions, local entities, API calls.

 I tried to understand but I got to know that it's an OWASP guideline integrated with OutSystems. 

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