User Logged out automatically
Application Type
Traditional Web

We are facing a problem . We have an application integrated with the payment gateway.  During the payment process the user is redirected to an external website ie the payment gateway. On completing the payment process from the payment gateway, the user is redirected back to the original application. But it is noticed that many times the user is automatically logged out (but not always. ) Maybe 50% of transaction we are facing this issue and the user is asked to login again.

Would really appreciate any solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance



in Traditional Web application when session  time out  the application auto logged out.

you can increase session timeout. and check .

Assuming there's a problem somewhere in your app, can you check many times you use User_Logout?

Are you able to place breakpoints on each of these, then use the debugger and try to use the payment gateway again? Any break during the execution this way?

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