could someone please tell me what i need to do to use the List_Navigation rich widget to allow a continous loop reading through a data set?
ie. if I hit end of file when scrolling through the data by clicking "Next", can I make sure that the "Next" button always remains active and that the next click on "Next" will take me back to the beginning of the file?

I've been trying to set the "ResetPagination" parameter to do this, but haven't been able to do it... 


Hi Anthony,

My suggestion would be for you to create a new widget, and make it work that way. You can open the original RichWidgets eSpace and copy the pagination widget, or merge it to a different eSpace, or even cloning the RichWidgets eSpace, and then change the widget so it works the way you want.

I don't recommend editing the actual paging widget from the RichWidgets eSpace because you might have problems when upgrading - either it overwrites your changes, or you may miss out on other bugfixes.

I hope these help you getting started.


Paulo Tavares
i have been following the tutorial on table pagination for sales assistant .oml  and at the end of it ,when i publish the espace,it runs smoothly but when i go to the company_show screen,i cant see my list_Navigation web block widget and even when click on edit button of  the show screen ,a http request handler error pops up.any help will be appreciated. 
Hi Tmlewin,

What kind of error shows up when you click the Edit button?

Have you refreshed the references before publishing? What Service Studio and Agile Platform server are you in?


Paulo Tavares
Thanks for the swift reply.I managed to get it working after upgarading my platform server  to,surprisingly,it stoped  throwing the http request handler error.
Thanks for the advice Paulo - this has been helpful.
It is useful to be able to see how the Rich Widgets are built, because this helps me to learn how to develop applications well!