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11.11.6 (Build 44614)

I have a simple 4 input field form that comes up from a bottom navigation menu when a variable is turned to true. There is a "Save and Exit" that saves the records to the entity while turning the variable to false again to close the form, or there is a "camera" button.  I haven't gotten to Camera button functionality yet but in short, the "save & exit" should save the records and close the menue. 

For some reason, it will only re-post the original first entry on the entity (ID:1 on entity) back to the entity again, every time you hit save and exit.  Below is how I have trouble shooted the problem:

1)  Original setup had the 4 input fields with thier own variable.  I changed this to a record, though they are all text. Same results. I delete the form, create a new form via way of "Form Widget" > drag/drop entity.  This eliminated individual input field variables, put the variable as the Getentity.list path(s).  When generating app to iOS, it will show the first record of text in each input field by default.  You have to delete them then input the new text....  Thus I'm assuming, by having their own variables, the input field is blank so you can't delete that first entity text and this is why I'm getting just a repeat entry to the entity regardless of what I type into the input fields... ?  But if I delete the placeholder text it fills in from the entity, put new text, everything works fine.

Is there a way to make these input fields show blank but, allow the user to type input text without having to delete static text from the entity there first and get the save and exit results of their typed text to the entity.

Excuse my lack of understanding, this is my first app and I'm only 2 days into using Outsystems...  I am not a programer or developer either so this is all new jargon to me, I was an IT Director (network admin-graphic design) when younger but now live in the insurance related industry (Claims adjusting).  This is a project I have been paying developers to build for me since 2015 and recently got rid of them to do it on my own as it's already got 10,000+ users but no app to put those users on in all this time.... lol.....  So though I'm in a private circle of owners within the industry, basically I've been told if I don't get this thing finished in the next 2 months, they are going to have to move on.  I would rather put my fate/heart in this community and myself than the three diffrent development groups that never made it past where I'm practically to now in 2 days. lol....  

Thank you EVERYONE for you help it is GREATLY appreciated I really try not to post but spent 4 hours on this simple thing and just couldn't make it given my time schedule.  Everyone's help is VERY VERY much appreciated.

OML attached.

I know there are other things in the app that may not be perfect for those who help me by looking at OML but my thought was let me get the functionality of the whole wireframe done first then would go back and fine tune as well as do graphics.  SVG's and graphic design is my long time strong suite so that part should go fast.

Out of scanner plugins, camera plugins, and 20 others, it's a 4 field input form that I have to post for help on... lol



I was able to solve this, it was a simple change. Had wrong variable with a GetClaims variable vs a GetClaimsByID variable.

Oh - also in Troubleshooting - you will see I made a "screen 1".  This was to start a fresh screen outside the pop-up that the form is in (upbar).  With there was a better way to do that than using upbar but anyways, on Screen 1, it get's the same results as what I get in "Inbox".


I was able to solve this, it was a simple change. Had wrong variable with a GetClaims variable vs a GetClaimsByID variable.

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