How can I get the total hours in an aggregate? (reactive)


I need a little help.

I'm working on reactive. Where the user enters information on the screen (DATE AND TIME) and in the aggregate I would like to sum up the total hours...

But there is no SUM option for data and time, I've tried to make a calculated attribute where I separated the DATE AND TIME and left a column only with the TIME, but there is also no SUM for time.

How can I get the total hours in an aggregate?


Hi Mariana Junges,

Off the top of my head, I expect you can make it work if:

  • you create a calculated attribute Duration on your Aggregate that uses a builtin Date and Time function like DiffMinutes to calculate how many minutes are there between start and end times;
  • sum that Duration attribute (you will get total number of minutes) and;
  • then format the total as a Time when displaying it?
Hope this helps (and works!)

Yes, it helped, and it worked!

Thank you.

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