Error retrieving entities


I'm getting the following error upon connecting an external view.

Here's the error message captured on the service center. 

 Could not find server 'a' in sys.servers. Verify that the correct server name was specified. If necessary, execute the stored procedure sp_addlinkedserver to add the server to sys.servers.

Other tables and views works perfectly fine. Hoping someone can help me in this matter. Thank you in advance!

Hi @PJ Garcia ,

Need to check the server connection tat you have created in service center. And also for integrated studio connection for particular table that you have added

Hi @PSS 

All the tables and views within the same DB is working/connecting perfectly fine.


Lets try one by one. Keep all tables that are connecting. Remove all those tables leading to error. Then add one of them and try it again. check any dependency with other tables

Hi, Cant remove the table leading to error since the error is preventing me to add the view in the IS. As for other tables/views, they are still working perfectly fine. Also tried creating a new view with a simple select statement, which then again works perfectly fine.

Hello PJ Garcia,

Did you try to check your database connection?

This error is a timeout or slow network issue and you might have a network/communication problem there.



Hi @Amit Jain

Was able to connect and add other tables/views without any problem tho.

HI @PJ Garcia ,

You were mentioning that it affects a view. Is this view using a table or database that the Outsystems User doesn't have access to?


Hi @Lennart Kraak ,

No, our current users right now are all developers who also have access on the table/Database. I also have a view that has the same source but different query which works fine.

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