How to properly validate the form in this context?


I have a web block with a form the source record of the form is an aggregate "GetBackFormById".  Inside the form there is a TopAccordion (OutsystemsUIWeb) and in the content of the TopAccordion there are some containers. Each container has a Content`\AccordionItem. In the accordion item I have checkboxes, inputs etc associated with the form record.

For example in one accordion item I have 2 radiobuttons (Yes and No) with the variable set as "Form1.Record.Back_Form.LK_Setted". The LK_Setted datatype is YesNoOption, YesNoOption is a staitc entity with records Yes and No.

In the last accordion item I have a submit button where I want to validate if the form inputs were filled. So I have a if with

BackForm.Record.Back_Form.LK_Setted = NullIdentifier()

And then I have an assign where I want to set the Valid property to False. However it doesnt appear the option to select the valid property for any of the form inputs. 

Do you know what can be the issue?


Hello Boris

I have checked by creating a form in a Reactive Application where I can see the option to Assign Value to Input Valid. Please ensure that - 

  1. You are using the Client Action of Submit button inside the WebBlock? 
  2. The valid property you are assigning as below


The question is on traditional web, not reactive.


I was not sure about the application and that's why I clearly mentioned I tried on reactive. Please help to know how you recognized it is of Traditional? So, further I will also be able to recognize it! 


There is enough hints in the question that this is about traditional web, the reference to OutsystemsUIWeb  the most clear one. The reference to web block, instead of block, and the form.record are another 2 hints.

If in doubt, first ask, don't asume.


Ahh, I See. I was not aware those terms are specific for Traditional one. But I got it now and will take care. Thanks for your support :) 

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