[June] Updates on OutSystems Documentation and Online Training

Hello everyone!

We, your Technical Knowledge team at OutSystems, are eager to improve our documentation and training to better enable you.

We regularly gather information from several sources on how each page is being used and its overall score, based on your invaluable "thumbs up/down" feedback. Not only that, but we also take note of the written feedback we get from the Community. After gathering this information, we perform our own investigation to determine what we can do to make these pages more useful. Our goal is to help you find the information you need quickly so you can get back to creating awesome apps.

Here’s what changed this month:

Improving the Architecture of your applications

We are revamping our online training on Architecture, so you can build mission-critical, enterprise-ready applications in the right way. We’ve just launched its first updated course, about Designing Applications using an Architecture Framework. Give it a look and rate it!

Improving Mobile experiences

We did some maintenance on the OutSystems AppShield plugin document and related content, to improve findability and user experience. The troubleshooting content is now in a dedicated document.

As deobfuscating the plugin logs is not specific to AppShield, we moved the instructions to a new document, Obfuscation and retracing logs of mobile builds in the Support section. 

Errors documentation

We are working on improving the most common errors that users get in TrueChange. We started with the Required Property Value error page. We’ve expanded the article with new error messages, added causes, and detailed recommended actions for all use cases. Also, we added several references to other documentation pages to help you better understand how you can avoid these errors.

We’ve published the first batch of Integration Builder errors messages documentation, using the new Error Codes framework. This new framework promotes a unique error code for each existing error, making it easier for you to differentiate, search and act on an error they are facing, reducing the time they’re stuck while developing apps in OutSystems. 

Translate your applications to several different languages

We’ve updated How to reuse translations from the Multilingual Forge component in Service Studio to reflect recent product updates.

Also, the Case Management framework (CMf) has a new multilingual feature. Check, introduction to CMf Multilingual and How to enable CMf multilingual.

SEO in Reactive Web Apps

SEO in Reactive Web Apps is the new content to help you start using the SEO-friendly links, and to troubleshoot issues. We also provide instructions for deploying sitemap.xml and robots.txt, with a sample app. 

Emails in Reactive Web Apps

We published documentation for the technical preview Emails in Mobile and Reactive Web Apps. See how to get started, create and edit emails, and design logic to send emails

Documentation for the Platform Server 11.12.0 release 

On-premises customers using Platform Server 11.12.0 can follow the updated Unattended Installation and Upgrade process to take advantage of the new Flexible Upgrades feature. We also updated the Configuration Tool Command Line Reference

Customers can ensure smooth upgrades and installs for 11.12.0 by referencing  the troubleshooting for a potential service permissions error.

We’ve also updated the Platform Server upgrade instructions to include the new modules preparation step. We explain all the details about this step in this new article.

Errors during the upgrade? Find here the guidelines on how to proceed for each case. We also added reference documentation for two new errors that developers can get in Service Studio, Locked Module Error and Old Producer Error.

Exposing/Consuming REST 

You can now REST Refresh! We’ve published the article to help you with this new feature.

Also, PATCH Method is now available on exposed REST services. This is a new feature that is in technical preview with the release of 11.12.0 and enables users to partially update a REST resource.

BDD Framework

We’ve improved our  BDDFramework for client-side testing tool documentation. Also, we’ve worked on the BDDFramework server-side testing tool documentation, which describes new features, such as user-defined tagging and performance improvements. 

If you have more feedback about the updated content, feel free to create a post in this thread, or leave feedback on the corresponding page, or you can send the feedback directly to us at knowledge@outsystems.com. We would love to hear from you! Stay tuned for more . . .


João P. Batista, on behalf of your Technical Knowledge Team.


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