Range Slider breaking, its not "fluid" on Style Guide Preview - Reactive

Hello, I have notest, and i don't know if it's just me, but the range slider from the style guide preview of OutSystems UI its breaking, it's not fluid as the one like here:


This is what is happening...

One is from the style guide preview, the one is not working well and the other is from the link above, that it's working ok 


Hi Marcio,

Thanks for reporting, I'll pass it on to OutSystems.

Thanks @Kilian Hekhuis ! :)


No problem, I've already got word they're looking into it.

Another thing, when I say style guide, it's the component itself, I tried using native input type=range, and it's ok, but I didn't want to create a custom when we have the range slider component already available

Hi Marcio.
Thank you for your feedback.
This issue should be fixed now.

Best regards and keep your feedback coming!

Thanks!! awesome time fix/response

I will :)

Best regards,

Márcio Carvalho

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