Help with an idea on how to make my App spell words
Application Type
Traditional Web

I have Amount paid in my Application and want it spelt out by the application in an expression or other possible methods.

When user type $200 in the sales detail page.

I want the application to spell it as: Two Hundred Dollars Only,  in the sales page.

Kindly help on how to achieve this. Thanks

Hello @Harrison,

Check the following components out: 

Both of these are for Traditional web so you have a choice there.



Thanks for response. Could you kindly guide me on how to use this component please

I tried the demo on the 'Numbers To Words' component and am not too impressed. Will try the second one and see how it goes.

So of the two components that I had originally mentioned, the is the better one.

I have attached an oml showing you how to use it. Hope this helps


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