How do I add a new field to a form and get the save button to save that field data?

I have a table and a form, but I need to add a new field that is a reference to another table.  I have created the other table and the new field that links the two along with the relationship.  I've also created the form field, but when I click the save button it doesn't save the chosen item from that new dropdown.

How do I get the buttons to save that info also?

Hi Mark,

From what you describe you will have to edit the save action and add this new field. I'm not aware of a way to combine fields and forms automatically if they are created in this order.

If instead of dragging and droping your tables you create an aggregate with all the correct attributes you need, then the save action should be adapted to your "combined form". It takes longer to do, but it could save efforts for you if you're uncomfortable coding actions.

Good luck ;)

Hi Mark,

did you consider creating a local variable that holds the value from that dropdown?


Hello Mark,

I believe you have added the new entity as well into the aggregate through which had referenced the existing entity and bind the dropdown with that reference attribute into the form. If you have already done this and still not working, please share your OML, if possible.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


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