Development Vs Production Mode server

Development Vs Production Mode server


I would like to know if exists a side-effect of setting the actual Running Mode of a server that is Production Mode into Development Mode.
It will be for a short time of period to a development team try to understand what is the problem. I know that exists other ways such as Audits. But this question is more to understand if it is a good and a possible way to catch a bug.

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Nuno Mendes
Hi Nuno,

These are some of the things that happen when you set the server to Development mode:
  • The code is generated in Debug mode, instead of production mode. This means that it's not as performant, and the file sizes are larger.
  • Publishing an eSpace will also create your PTA, which takes up more space in the server.
I'm sure there might be some more consequences, but these are the two major ones I recall.

Good luck in catching that bug :)


Paulo Tavares
Thanks Paulo.

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Nuno Mendes
Is there a comprehensive list of differences?

I can recall also the queries are not optimized(?)

and perhaps some other stuff we may have to consider?
Hi Joost, 

You can assume that In development mode nothing is optimized ;)

That I understand :P

was more curious what is changed when switching to production mode.

I gathered so far:

- no debug code
- optimized queries in screen actions.
- ...
"I know that exists other ways such as Audits."

Audits? What's this, version 3.2 of the platform?

Errrr... not that I know, it's something errr... my friend said...

On a more serious note, I'm pretty sure that the queries are always optimized when running normally. The thing is, if the server is in production mode, you can't run them from Service Studio at all. I'm guessing that's the reason the OP wants to change it to development mode...

Also, unless the platform app has *a lot* of useres/accesses, running it in development mode won't make any noticable difference.
How do I switch between Development mode and Production Mode? Do I make the changes in the field [Server Mode] in the ossys_Activation table? Thanks.
Well, maybe you could do it that way, but it's easier changing it in the Service Center.

Just click on the Administration tab, choose "Server Configuration" below and set the mode. Don't forget to press the "apply" button :)
@Vincent Do > NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :) The Agile Platform came to make your life easier

Do as Carlos Fonseca just said so.

Right! I should have try to look there first before digging into the table structure. Thanks guys.
I switched it to Production mode and my web services stopped working. When I switch it back to Development mode, all the web services starting working again. It seems that  can only run it in Development mode. Does anyone run into similar issue or have any inputs as why this happens? Thanks.
Did you republish the eSpace (or solution) after changing to production mode?

First of all, just a reminder. The Simple Queries are optimized in Development mode, just like in the Production mode. Note that only the simple queries are optimized by the platform. Another thing that gets optimized is the Viewstate variable, i.e., that big __OSVSTATE field of every page, but again, both in the Development and in Production. So, regarding optimizations, everything that is done in Production mode is also done in Development mode. However, in the Development mode there's a lot of code to assist you in debugging the eSpace, code that don't exist in the Production Mode, so everything is probably a bit faster and uses less memory in the Production.
Answering the last question, I thing that the the reason why the Web Services stopped working is because perhaps the effective url of them is poiting to some PTA. You can detect this if the url points to something like http://<severName>/<eSpaceName>/<ptaName>/<webServiceName>.aspx instead of simply http://<severName>/<eSpaceName>/<webServiceName>.aspx.

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Rui Eugénio
I did republish the espace but it still doesn't work. I'll try the webservice address with the ptaName included. Thanks for all your help.