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I have a query which helps for building my application.

 The query is, 

1.  Consider I have a reactive application which contains series of pages for submitting data into other system(API integration I.e.,we are not using OutSystems Database). 

2. I have 10 forms in 10 screens sequentially it will execute when user submits each page. So currently consider user filled 5 forms and he leaves the application. Later when he comes back user should start from where he left. 

3. Is there any mechanism to achieve this functionality? 

I Kindly request to provide your suggestions. 

Thanks in advance, 

Venkatesh S


Hi Venkatesh, If you are not using Outsystems tables or you don't want to use it then the other way you need to store the screen context to some session/client variable but the problem is if user logs out from the app the client variable value get cleared.

So better you should have a Outsystems entity where you can store each stage of the application and resume from there once user logs in again or resumed the journey.


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