[Data Grid Reactive] Possibility of adding new Row at a specific position with "AddNewRows" client action
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Currently, "AddNewRows" client action only adds row to the top of the selected row.
Is it possible to add new row/rows to a specific position with "AddNewRows" client action or any other ways in DataGrid Reactive?
The use case will be as follows:

Is there a plan to be able to add new rows to a specific position of grid in the future?
 Please let me know.

Thank you.


Hi @Alam,

Thank you for bringing this use case to our attention.

At the moment, there is no simple way to achieve what you aiming to do. This is also more complicated than what it looks due to pagination (even the provider only adds rows on top or on the bottom of the current page).

This being said, how important is this feature for your project?

While the team doesn't have bandwidth to fully analyze this, if you or your team have JavaScript skills, I would recommend you to look into Data Grid github repo, fork it, and try to propose a solution. For that, I suggest to start by analyzing our code UML architecture.

If you have any question, please let me know.


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