How to overcome slow page caching due to a large webblock?
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I'm working on a project where there is a (very) large modal with a lot of things inside it. We need to be able to toggle this modal in all sections of the application so it is in the layout:

Since this webblock is very complex/big it takes very long to cache the pages after each publish. Any suggestions on how to overcome this cache speed issue without losing too much functionality?

Thanks in advance.


You can use the 'Cache in Minutes ' options to set time in server action (in which causing a lengthy time) used under the web block to overcome the load time.

Hi @Ricardo de Freitas ,

Try for amit suggest or try to divide web block into two web blocks. Keep functionality same. 


Caching won't help because after publishing the cache is cleared. The webblock has multiple input parameters so caching is not ideal. The main issue here is not the load time, it's the caching time because after the first load the applications runs quite smoothly. Thanks anyway for the suggestions. 

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