Entry Point error

Entry Point error

After publishing the application the "Open in Browser" tries to open (Example):


which does not work.

replacing it with http://localhost/Tarefas does work perfectly.

this is hapening on all "old app's once republished

Even deleting and receating the entry point the behaviour is the same.

Any help?
Note: using
Hi Orlando,

I'm surprised to see what you're reporting. I myself have experienced that bug in the past, in exactly the same circumstances. However, after upgrading both server and Service Studio to, and resetting the OutSystems services along with IIS the problem stopped happening. Since I wasn't able to replicate it systematically, I just didn't think about it much more.

Are both Service Studio and the Platform Server in version Are you trying to debug the eSpace from an external entry point? Does it happen in old apps only, or does it also happen in new eSpaces?

If you're already in the latest version, do report it to Support directly through Service Studio, since it might help them track down the problem.

Let us know how it goes, and if you manage to get it to work!


Paulo Tavares

did not answer as the problem went away when installing version 5,1,1,10 and it was not a real problem but a nuisance.

HOWEVER... just installed version 5,1,1,11 and it came back!!!

Any hints?