Combine column and line Chart with multiple series

Hello everyone,

I want to combine a column chart and line chart using Column/Line chart with 2 series 


Hi Priya,

You need to set the data series formats as below. The data series which you want as column assign the same data series name in formats. In similar way if you want to do it column chart set the DataSeriesJSON value "type:'line'"

Thanks @Harika Ramadalai for the quick response but how to make line into a curve line  using line chart.

Hi priya,

To achieve curve line in chart Add 1 more list item and set DataSeriesJSON value  as "type:'spline'"  to get curve line in line chart. 

You can use the advanced JSON parameter for other modifications in high charts. Check out this example. You can even edit and test in available online editors  before using JSON.

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