[Html2PdfConverter] Error generating pdf
Forge component by Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes

Hi, I'm getting this error, but the log doesn't say much, any idea what could be the reason? is it the configuration?

"Problem generating PDF from HTML "

Passing the URL and everything is working good, as I tried the same on my personal environment and it was working, but want to narrow down what might be causing the issue

Hi Abeer,

Can you attach your oml here, or maybe screenshots of your relevant code/components?

Hi @Abeer elAssal,

Have you tried to go into the Administration on server/HTMLToPDFConverter/HowToPDF.aspx and check if you can generate the PDF for google.com if your server has access to it, if not, try it out with the same screen you are using (server/HTMLToPDFConverter/HowToPDF.aspx) on the URL and click on Generate PDF, and the end result must be the login screen of that application. If that works, something is not working generating your specific screen. If it doesn't, it is related to the executable files you've uploaded on your Administration screen.

I think that was the case, it's not configured correctly

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