Error when process excel file uploaded by Popup_Upload

Error when process excel file uploaded by Popup_Upload

Dear Collegues,

I attached a zip file with a test application and an excel file with data. The application allows to upload and process the excel file by 2 methods:
  1. with Input File name widget
  2. with Popup_Upload widget

The code that processes the excel file is the same in both cases, but with Input File name widget it works fine, with Popup_Upload it throws an exception: "String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated".

  • What is the difference b/w the 2 methods that cause the processing with Popup_Upload to fail?
  • How to make this example with Popup_Upload working?

Thank you in advance for help,

Hello Alex,

The problem is because the UploadCache entity on the Rich Widgets used to store the file for the FileType attribute only have 50 of lenght and in your case you have 62, so I recommend that you send feedback. But you can change the entity locally, just open the rich widgets and change the lenght from 50 to 100 for example.

I hope that helps

Hugo Pinheiro

Thanks a lot for the explanation and the solution !

I changed length of Upload.Filetype attribute to 100 and it works now.

I will send feeback to support.