After upgrading to 11.11.3, the Users application cannot display user names by Roles

After upgrading to 11.11.3 and subsequently to 11.12.0, the system component Users application cannot display user names by Roles in an application.  Though it shows the no. of the users, but show all names after clicking in.  

Is this a bug or some configuration issue?


Hi Le Yu,

In the title you speak of 11.11.3, but in your post 11.12.0. Which one is it?

We upgraded to 11.11.3 then to 11.12.0.  It doesn't work in both versions. 


Hi Le Yu,

I could be wrong, but AFAIK this is by design and it was in Users application from the beginning.

Your first screenshot says there are 2 active users who have the APNRaisers role assigned to them.

In the second screenshot, all users (both active and inactive) are listed who have the APNRaisers role either directly assigned to them or the role was inherited from a Group they are part of.

Hope this helps,



Hi Nordin, 

That was not the behaviour in the earlier version.  The first screen shows the count & the 2nd screen would match & show exactly 2 names (in this example, the 2 are directly assigned to the role, not inherited by any groups. And even some users are inherited from a group, the count would show the exact no. of users).  But after the upgrade, it shows ALL names.  

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