[Discovery] Application Canvas Javascript error
Forge component by Francisco Menezes

After updating to v 5.1.2 and viewing the Application Dependencies, there is a console error to cause the page not to load. 

VM3856:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)

    at Object.d3_json (d3v3.js?63119:467)

    at XMLHttpRequest.respond (d3v3.js?63119:400)

Hello Ewin,

Sorry, but that is not supposed to happen.

Can you please check if any error is being logged in the ServiceCenter console as well?

In advance, can you please delete all browser cookies and application data, by using your Browser Dev Tools?

Best Regards,


Service Center has no error / logs.  

I have attempted to debug discovery and added breakpoints to provide more details, but doesn't hit anything. Cant drill into javascript in d3 webblock. 

Also cyclic_dependencies has the same issue

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