Bulk Select on List Screen by IntelliWarp?

Bulk Select on List Screen by IntelliWarp?

Hello Everyone,

The IntelliWarp feature creates Detail Lists with Bulk Select widget and all associated code to implement bulk delete operation.

Is there a way to trick IntelliWarp to include Bulk Select and all associated code for a List Screen? http://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/5.1/Web_User_Interface/Creating_List_Screens.htm

Hi Alex,

Maybe someone who has more experience with Intelliwarp can answer differently, but as far as I am aware, there is no way to "trick" Intelliwarp to include a Bulk Select widget for a List Screen.

As far as I know, you'll have to drag it there yourself, for now.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo,

Thank you for the answer - I will live with doing it manually for now..but I always have hope that there is a better way :-)