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Hello everybody,

There is the way to make asynchronous calls in traditional web applications. There is a screen that takes a long time to load, and the idea is to save that data in a table through an asynchronous call when the user logs in. At the moment it is not thought to migrate it to React and we need something in the short term to solve this problem.

I understand that this can be done in mobile and react applications, but at the moment it is not possible to do the migration.

Any ideas are appreciated.


Hi Jorge,

why don't you use a timer? Call it when save button is clicked.

Hi José,

But I understand that there are only 3 threads for timers, if there are 5 concurrent clients this would not be viable.

Each timer can only run 1 at a time. In any the case, the other requests would to go to the queue...

If you think you have so many requests that the timer cannot take care of, use a Light BPT, it can handle up to 20 requests at the same time.

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