Table width changes after Pagination
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Traditional Web

Table records keep resizing whenever I navigate to a new page.

-Upon publishing, everything is normal but once I navigate to the next page of the table, the table's width changes.

Once page navigated

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Thank you!


Hi Ross, 

Try to enclose table and navigator into container and check UI with container width 90% or 100% (overflow: auto). Sometimes specific cell width cause of problem. So If it is, then remove specific cell width and check it at browser. You can inspect your UI at browser, get to know what is happening. 

Hope this may help.



Hi Ross,

When I see you UI it doesn't look like a table. Are you using List Record to display this data?

Hi Nikhil,

I used Table Records.


Hi Ross,

Okay, in that case this behavior of the table is very strange. Try the solution shared by Rahul and if it doesn't work please share a minimal oml with this issue so we can see implementation and identify the problem.

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