risky to include a link in a fusion chart?

risky to include a link in a fusion chart?

Dear All,

Is there any risk if i include a hyperlink i a fusion chart?

Let me explain

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I found out that i can add a hyperlink to my chart which points to overview inclusive parameters. it works nice because in the chart each items has this parameter. For example  overview.aspx?EventID=25. It works nice but when i run my app from servicestudio there is a difference in the URL




it adds my useraccount admin to the url. in my fusionchart hyperlink admin doesnt exist offcourse.

Will the useraccounts apear the url normally in production environments?
Hi Frits,

No, indeed regular users in a production environment will not see such an URL.

The /<username> URL is what points to your own Personal Test Area, where the code is running for you to debug without interfering with other developers.

However, in production environments, when you configure the server to be in Production mode, there is no such thing as Personal Test Areas.

I hope this helps!


Paulo Tavares
Hi Frits,

the link with your user account is because you're running the application trought your personal area (desired for testing), you can learn more about Personal Areas here.

That user is the user wich is logged in Service Studio, and not the application logged user.

Miguel Antunes
Thank you both (Paulo and Miguel)   and very much for answering my question.

Perfect answer!