Timer to update all entity instances
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11.11.7 (Build 45085)

I'm developing a timer to update all entity instances -- for that I've designed a Server Action that checks for Date and then can update entity instance.

This server action has whole entity as input param

In Timers interface though when I select this action to be ran, I can only select one entity for which I have to provide Id

I need this timer to update all entity instances. Do I have to design a different action for this or is there a way to call action multiple times from Timer interface? E.g. foreach ContractorsAccess in my case, but I don't think it's possible from that expression editor? Please help

Hi Gleb,

Instead of using data actions use Advance SQL and in that Update that all the entities that required.


Hi @Gleb Kartashov ,

you can do in one timer but do like a wrapper action. 

1) Create one server action 

2) add all update actions in that. Provide require inputs

3) for providing inputs, create separate structure with attributes that require input to update actions. 

4) Then use that one server action in timer.

This is my redesigned server action that updates all objects. New problem is with timer.

When I click a button to execute this action it works fine. But the timer doesn't do anything?

Timer action select

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