Please kindly guide me on how to link text to multiple screens
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Please, i deeply apologize for bothering everyone with questions.

Kindly, help guide me on how to link a text on list page to multiple detail screens.

Date           Item Name     Amount

   1.                   Pen              100

   2.                  Shoe              200

   3.                  Bag                500

1. above was created using detail page 1

2. was created using detail page 2

3. was created using detail page 3

The link to detail page is on Item Name and based on Id as normal.

The question is, how do i link Item Name to the individual detail page on clicking the Item Name (example Shoe)?

Thanks as always


I can implement switch with a button on detail screen, Thanks to Jose.


 I suggest to use single screen to update records based on the condition, 

like if you click on pen then only the container of Pen will be visible and rest of the containers are not displayed.

Same for all the records in the table.

Hope this Helps,

Kind Regards,

Thanks for your response. Please could you kindly assist me with an oml file for ease of understanding, especially how to set the condition that will control visibility.


You can do one thing, get page URLs along with a data record list. and then you can easily use that URL  to bind with text as a link.

I hope it can help quickly, It is easier than apply a switch.

Amit Jain

Great. Please can help with an oml file for ease.


Please find attached oml.

I hope it may be helpful.



Is the given solution helpful for you?

Hi Harrison,

What do you mean exactly when you say that each was created with a different detail page ??

Do you mean that you have a different page for pens than for shoes?  If so, can you share your oml showing these ?  In that case we can´ t really tell you when to use which one, you have to decide that and build it into the logic.

But the more I read your questions, the more i get the feeling you are not talking about different pages, but the same page (i.e. the same screen in your module) but each showing a different item.  That is basic stuff you can learn in the online training, and involves passing the selected id from the list to the detail.  No switches or decision logic needed in that case.


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