[CKEditor.Reactive] Toolbar buttons not working (works only when the editor is in fullscreen mode)
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The toolbar buttons are not working when editing a field in a form. The shortcuts like ctrl+b etc. are working.

The toolbar buttons only works when editing in fullscreen mode.

It doesn't matter if I use a config or not.

It goes wrong when the fields are in a standard form with the "form card" classes on it.
Removing the form class solves it but than the form css is no there etc...

How can I fix this?

Thanks for the support!

Hello @Johan den Ouden,

Place the following in your Screen's css as shown in the screenshot further below, that should fix it.

.form span {
    position: static;

This solution was originally suggested by Didier Leroy in this post. I tried it out to ensure it works.

Best regards,



I will add this to the backlog to include this fix in a new version. Thanks AJ for that

That would be great Fábio! Thanks,



i want to insert words to existing word in text area by click to specific  button in the screen 

that work ok with  text area but when i pass id of it to CKeditor not working

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