Refresh a table data whose source is a variable with list datatyp on click of button?
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Hi Team,

I have a table on frontend, having source as a variable whose data type is a list, now I have to refresh that table every 15 mins. so how shall i move forward?

Hi @Aditya Chinchole ,

To get cyclic action you can use Timers, please follow the links, this will help you in timers


any thing else require kindly reply


@PSS, this is not what Aditya is asking. He want to refresh the data on screen on particular time interval. But timer doesn't solve that purpose.

@Aditya Chinchole: You can setInterval javascript function on your OnReady screen event and call you another screen action on specific interval.

setInterval(function(){ $actions.UpdateYourList(); }, 15000);

In this screen action you can write your logic to refresh data using screen aggregate or data action and populate in local list variable. 

Hello Aditya, 

Yes this same scenario i had go through and it is easy using Javascript I have but Link as well as OML may be It will helps you. I have just give 150ms approx 1 sec. so you will change as per your required i just refresh currdatetime variable so it will possible to look the changes are automatically done on screen

Please take a look on Below Link

Here I,Have attached the OML as well.


Hello Aditya,

Any update on this ? Have you got any solution on your problem?

Thanks and regards 

Akshay Deshpande

No Akshay, I didn't get the solution
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