[FullCalendar Reactive] How to render the calender?
Forge component by André Cabral


I want to render tha calender but i'm using the 


view, so i'm not using the ResourceSource function, as I have to resource, and evem when used I get an error it's not a function. I founf the .render() method but not sure how to implement it. any idea?



Hello Abeer

Sorry, but didn't get your question correctly. Are you facing issues render the calendar on screen, do you mean when you load the screen the calendar doesn't appear? 

Please help me to understand what exactly you are looking for! Have you checked it's demo of resource view? https://mediaweb-creations.outsystemscloud.com/FullCalendarReactiveSample/ResourceViews 

Thank you

Thanks for your reply, I checked the demo, but what I wanna do, is re-render the calender again. after changing input values I want to re-render it.

Hi Abeer elAssal,

May be this post can help you 

You can try with the action NewEventSourceData and assigning the output to the Event source

oml is attached here.




This one render the page at the start wich works fine with me, I want to render only the calender after change the data or eventsource, I tried this but with no result as well.

Hey Abeer,

You should use the UpdateEvent client action to update the calendar. It really works when I change the event the calendar automatically changed. 

I created a complex oml, just focus on UpdateEvent action.

Best of Luck :)



 Let me know if you have any questions in the attached OML. It should help you.

Thanks so much for your reply, somehow this wasn't working with me as well. I ended up refreshing the page with input parameter to get the calendar rendered again.

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