Case Definistion Status remains 0 after setting up Case Management App
Application Type
Reactive, Service
Service Studio Version
11.11.7 (Build 45560)
Platform Version
11.12.2 (Build 30755)

Hi, I'm trying setup a new case management app by following "OutTracker" sample app and the guidelines from documentation on our cloud environmet. I'm able to setup following modules.

  1. AJCInternational _CS
  2. AJCInternational _WF
  3. AJCInternational _UI

In AJCInternational_CS, my bootstrap for the case configurations have successfully run and created a case definition as it was done in "OutTracker".

Upon checking the data in "CaseDefinition" entity, I can see that the case definition has been created. But noticed one thing, that the "CaseDefinitionStatus" ID for my case is 0. Shouldn't it be 1 (Loading), 2 (Ready) or 3 (Error) like other cases?

Because of that, "LaunchSetupExtraConfigs" process doesn't configure the extra configurations like case priorities because it checks if "CaseDefinitionStatus" ID is 2 (ready). What should be done in this case?

Hi Khurram. In your CaseDeifenitionstatusID column, you need to check while making records to bootstrap into  casedefinition entity, what status you are mapping, just double check there. Also if possible please share the oml final to get the better idea.

I think you are getting status ID from Static entity just check there when using statusID in the records. I am guessing you should debug that step by step, its must be assign you have missed somewhere. 


Hi Daleep, I'm checking and matching everything with "OutTracker_CS" but didn't find about CaseDefinitionStatus. I'm trying to do exactly same what's happening in "OutTracker_CS". I will go through this again. But kindly find attached my OML to check further.

Just to add that bootstrapping case definition is done through SetupData structure variable passed to "SetupCaseManagementApplication" action from "CaseConfigurations_API" and there is no attribute about "CaseDefinitionStatus" to set. I believe this is something OutSystems handles on its own.


Hi Khurram, I don't see any OML attachements

Sorry the attachment was missed. Anyway, I saw that "CaseDefinitionStatus" has been updated to 2 now. It just took time as OutSystems handles it on its own I guess. The case definition was created yesterday.

My priorities have been added as well now.

Good to hear! 



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