Importance of Marking Reply as Solutions.

Dear Community member,

We know that most of the cases we are doing it as  It is very useful if someone is marking reply  as a solution on the question raised if that reply is solving the exact or giving the idea to solve the problem regarding their use cases.

Below are the same key highlight by doing that

1- Other people if they are facing similar issues, can go through and find the solutions easily.

3- This will end the discussion on that particular question rather than opening same questions again and again.

2-It will boost the confidence and dedication within  the person who has given solution.

3- The person will get some rewards. That will help him to engage more on the platform and communities members.

So request everyone if you are getting answer please mark as solution.



I don't know if this is written in the code of conduct, but it's good for the community to know about these things. We are working for it and many times users cannot understand it. 

But it is important to mention that there will always be cases that we do not like, as you must not have liked some cases to be sharing these points.

It's important not to lose motivation and continue to help others whenever you can. Don't lose motivation and inspiration.

Rightly said.

Absolutely Agree

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