[Feature Toggle Management] FeatureToggleManagement doing calls to weird IP
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I see FeatureToggleManagement doing calls to an IP address i don't know and i was just wondering from where and wherefore these calls are being made? See attached image.


If i do a lookup i see it points to:  seekwill.xen.prgmr.com

Would like to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Jobbe Maas



You can verify the URL of the consumed SOAP web services in your ServiceCenter:

  • Navigate to https://yourenvironment/ServiceCenter/ and log in.
  • Click en Factory menu / Modules tab
  • Find "FeatureToggleManagement_CS" module and click in the module.
  • Click in Integrations tab
  • In "Consumed SOAP Web Services" you can view the URL.

In my PaaS environment I can see a valid URL.

Kind regards, David.

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply! I also see valid URL's at that page, but i'm curious where that other IP address comes from. You can see it in the stack trace of my attached image (see red arrow). Do you know where and why that IP address is used?

Kind regards,


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