Biomatric identification

Biomatric identification

I would like to know if there is are components or extensions for finger print identification.I am trying to create a registration page along with a login page that requires finger print authentication.I have tried searching this forum but couldnt find any link. essentially   iam trying to create a small oml applicationsample  that will require users to register their bio data as well as their finger print information so that when the users wants to relogin he will have to scan his index finger and his thumb for database cross match ,if his biometric info is right then he can be given access. 
That would require access to the hardware that a Web application won't have.


Hope this url helps you, in order to access hardware in the client machine, you have to use technology that can access hardware interfaces like .net app, activex, java applet or application, etc, calling it from there, you can create an application that logs the info and in response opens a web page with the proper login info, or other several ideas, in case you are using it to secure the login, in my bank they use some sort or access card that has a number that changes every 20 seconds, and only if you input the proper code at the given time you can enter.

hope it helps you
Thanks for the reply.But i have a web based(JSP) medical information system that not only has finger print authentication but has the ability of doing a database cross match that will automatically upload a patients picture(Id)  along with his specific medical record if his fingerprint digital signature cross matches with his biometric data in the database.This application runs on an intranet .its web based and can be hosted online if wanted,but i wanted know if there was such a component available in the outsystems platform because i intentionally want to develop  an app that uses biometric authentication  on the agile platform.Since there is no such component i would like to upload my d source code along with other components that was used in that medical app so that it can be wrapped as an extension via integration studio.I dont ve much hands on experience with integration studio,so i would like to know if any one is interested in the biometric module(including source code)so that it can be edited and imported into integration studio as an important thing is that it was written in java.Any interest would be welcome.
Hi Tmlewin,

Well, I would say that it will all depend on a couple of things. First, is the source code proprietary? This is a public forum, so do make sure that when you open up the source code (which I imagine belongs to the company that uses it), you're not compromising the company's Intellectual Property.

Second, it will depend on how complex the code is. Even though Java an .Net are pretty similar, there's an effort involved in the code translation, as well as in the re-architecture of the existing application to an extension's API.

Still, this could also be a great opportunity for you to look into Integration Studio - agfter all, now is as good a time as ever :)

However, I'm also positive there'll be a few of our community members that'll be available to help you!

Let us know how it goes.


Paulo Tavares

Hi Paulo,
 sorry for the late reply,have been really busy.
Thanks for your reply,but i would like to clarify a few things:

The application was an open source project which my colleague and I completely overhauled,reprogrammed and re-archited from the  UI level to the API'S and class libraries,thus adding tons of additional features.
So we succesfully developed the finger print module on java net beans(IDE) and integrated it in our app to make it more robust and feature packed.So we finally decided to see how we can make an extension out of it so that it can be reused as a component in service studio for those users who might need additional authentication and security thats how the whole idea of building this component for the agile platform cropped up.Well so far i am still exploring integration studio extensively and we are working on it but if we hit a brick wall on the course of integration or re-architecting we certainly will call on  the help of the community  and possibly post the source code and other info that will enable any interested person to contribute towards achieving this.
Hi Tmlewin,

Glad to hear about it. That does make sense then. Good luck with it, and let us know how it goes!


Paulo Tavares
I try to develop a print finger recognizer programme with java, and I search a lot of on the internet and I didn't found something useful, well I wanna know if there is an API open source that can be used to impelments the print finger programme or any thing else about it , so if anyone know something  please help me thanks a lot
Hi Sarahds, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

Here we specialize in developing web applications using the OutSystems Agile Platform. However, if someone can help you it will be Tmlewin here, since he has had some experience with similar frameworks, and might be able to point you in the right direction.

Still, while you wait for an answer, feel free to look into the rest of our community - while they might not be related to biometry and Java, you might just find that we'd be a cool development framework for you to try out, and develop the rest of your system on.

Regards, and good luck with your project.

Paulo Tavares