Reactive Navigation: Alternative to GetEntryURL
Application Type
Traditional Web, Reactive
Service Studio Version
11.11.7 (Build 45559)
Platform Version
11.7.3 (Build 7036)

Greetings. We are in the process of adapting our solution to use reactive modules in lieu of the old traditional web modules.

There are some instances where we need to navigate between modules, and to avoid circular references we use the HTTPRequestHandler extension to generate a link to the target screen. This poses a few problems:

  • Since the GetEntryURL function is a server action, it cannot be used unless referenced in a client action
  • As such, it cannot be used to build links on dynamic tables
  • Since Reactive modules do not have entry points, even if we could generate the link dynamicaly, it would generate a broken link.

What is a common workaround to this issue?

Hi Ricardo,

this topic was discussed before, here's the solution:


Hello José

Thank you for the quick reply. I went over that post, and found it interesting.

I also remembered that I could declare the destination as an external site, and reference it on the link. This seems like a better solution because if in the future there is any change to the destination screen's name or inputs, propagating the change means simply updating the external site and the changes will take place immediately (and any required changes to the "call" to the external site will be highlighted by Service Studio).

Kind regards.

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