[Data Grid Web] Datagrid Server-Side Validation - Validate if one of the two columns are filled
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Hi all,

Using the server-side validation manner described by OutSystems self (link), I want to check if the user filled in one of the two mandatory fields. If I checked like field1 = NullTextIdentifier() and NullTextIdentifier(), I need to set on both fields with help of the ErrorCells that one of the two needed to be filled in by the user. But when I want to check in again both fields are be needed to be clicked so they are not set as invalid dirty fields by the DataGrid. How can I fix that when one of the two fields are be clicked and be changed, the Grid not throw the error of InvalidateData anymore and check again of the data is valid by the server?

Kind regards,


Hello @Wieger Kloppenburg,

The "at least one field mandatory" is a common requirement and there is a solution for this using client side validation.

Do you really need to to this validation server side? Because doing this client side will be more performant and there is already a way to do it.

If you are ok with doing it client side, we can help on that.


Bruno Martinho

Hi @Bruno Martinho,

A big thanks for this; is there a list with common validations on the client side?

The wish is to check if one of the two fields is filled in. But besides those fields there are some other fields with other validations which needs to be checked as well. So, if we do some checks at the client and some checks at the server will they be returned to the user at the same time?

Kind regards,


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