OutSystems Zero Downtime Upgrade to 11.12.0 Onwards
Platform Version
11.12.1 (Build 30548)

OutSystems Zero Downtime Upgrade to 11.12.0 Onwards


Hello guys,

Does anyone try to upgrade their platform following the Zero-downtime upgrade approach? How was it?

Currently, we have 4 (four) FE Servers joined to our Load Balancer. The role of these servers are:
Server1: Deployment Controller + FE
Server2: FE
Server3: FE

and is equivalent to one External DNS.

Questions are:

1. Rollback procedure since the steps don't have full database backup. Because having database backup requires downtime.

2. Does updating the OS Components to the latest version as part of the Installation checklist affect the accessibility or functionality of the application?

Thank you and we will greatly appreciate if you could share tips with this new approach. Thank you!


Hi Jayson,

I have similar infra and upgraded from os10 to os11 zero downtime upgrade and migrated the os database and application server to a new server vm.

1. we did full database backup - in case after the migration clean up script and the new os11 hit some issue, we can repeat the steps. In this case, we did not have any plan to rollback to os10

2. we changed some of our outsystems customs extension using integration studio because some logging message code need to be changed to use the new outystems .Net library logging parameter

Hope it helps

Thanks @ronny 

In our case, we will be upgrading the platform from 11.8.0 to 11.12.1 or 11.12.2. Would you recommend following the Zero-downtime upgrade approach event database backup is not included in the procedure?

What I am thinking is to disable half of the FE servers including the DC+FE then enable it after the upgrade, then execute the same procedure with the remaining FE servers subject for an upgrade.


Ok noted. I also just noticed there is slight different for upgrading to 11.12.1. There is module preparation step. Best practice is to perform database and vm backup before doing any production upgrade.


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