[Data Grid Reactive] Issue with deserializing data from GetRowData action
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We have a use case where we select one or more rows in the grid and then we want to copy data from one column to another column in the selected rows. 

To achieve this I have used a combination of GetSelectedRows, GetRowData and SetCellData. However, when I perform a JSONDeserialize on the data that is retrieved with GetRowData the deserialized structure fields contain no values. Therefore the copy action results in empty fields in de target column.

Attached is an example that reproduces this issue.

Do you have a suggestion on how to solve this issue?

Alfio Esposito



Hello Alfio,

Thanks for bringing this topic into discussion. We opened this issue and reported it to our team and the fix should come on the next release. 

As of now, there is a workaround, I've created a new client action that you can use to replace GetRowData. I've attached the OML containing it.

Please let me know if this attends your needs,

Gabriel Lundgren


Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for your quick reponse. The client action resolves our issue.


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