Able to retrieve the gender automatically.

I have a question. I just wanted know that is there anyway that we can get the gender automatically by adding the identification number where if the identification number ends with odd number, it's a male and if it ends with even number, it's a female 

Hi Vekesh you can use math function to achieve this

If(Mod(IdentificationNumber<here you can use the current row value from aggregate>,2)<>0,"Male","Female")


Someone care to explain why Dileep's suggestion was down voted? Seems like it addresses the question that was asked?

Hello Viknesh,

Here I have attached the URL as well as OML. Hope this will helps you

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande


Hi viknesh Krishnan,

in Aggregate unable to use the Mod function. please try the attached OML it will give the result as you expect.

Amit Jain


Hi viknesh Krishnan.

Have you got solution for your issue?

Wow, if you get help with this solution then plz mark it as solved. So that next time if other users gets such of issue then he can take reference from this conversasion.

Amit Jain

Absolutely agree with Amit, , if it solved your problem, please mark it as solutions. So that other can also  refer this.


Yes,agree with amit jain and Dileep verma.

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