can anyone help please?
I am trying to debug my eSpace but I am encountering two problems.
I am clicking run and navigating to an en entry point of Home, no problem.
I have a breakpoint set within the Preparation action and the flow is suspending at this point as expected.

- I cannot view any variables or other elements - double click on a variable does nothing
- then, after about 20 seconds, I get a connect timed-out error (see attached) which I then close and the debug session seems to end completely

How do I tackle these two problems please - especially the first one about viewing variables?



Tony -

That's odd. Where are you doing this "double clicking"? You shouldn't need to double click anything, when you hit the breakpoint, if you look at the bottom of the screen, there's a debugger tab with all of the local values and in scope values. You just look there for the values you need. You can also set watches.

Hi J.Ja,
I am trying to view the current value within variables at a breakpoint.
Please see the attached screen capture - I don't know how to see the values of the variables listed in the "In Use" tab - can you explain where I am going wrong?


Tony -

Go to the "Locals" or "Widgets" tab, you can see the values there. You can also set watches if you want to, but I find that "Locals" does what I need.

Thanks for trying to help me with this J.Ja,
but I have been through all the tabs, and the variable values are not displayed - the attached screen shot is for the "Locals" tab.

The help pages on the website show that the variable values should be displayed alongside the variables on these tabs, but this isn't happening for me - I am wondering if there is anything that needs to be set-up in a configuration option?

Tony -

That is really strange! When you first posted, I thought you might be double clicking them in the wrong place (like their declaration on the side of the page). There is something odd happening, that's for sure. I've never needed to play with configuration to get the debugger working. :( My only thought is that the variables might be declared but have no value at the point that you are at in your debugging session?

Hi Tony,

I'll second Justin on that front. I would say there's something wrong there. My recommendation would be to submit it to our support department, since they're better equipped to troubleshoot that for your specific scenario. The variable values should show up immediately to the right of the variable names.

Actually, the 20-second timeout might be a symptom of it trying to connect to the debugger web service, but not being able to read the information it needs.

Let us know if you manage to get this to work, and how.


Paulo Tavares