[File Plugin] FilePlugin action Savefile is not working on IOS..any suggestion or settings related
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I need to save files on local file system of IOS device using saveFile action of filePlugin. I tried different path but didn't work. Any Suggestion??


Hi kamini,

When posting a question for a specific forge component, please create it via the component page, so its creators can be notified and you can get a more rapid response. For this one, I updated your post to be associated with the FilePlugin component.

You don't give us too much information to be able to troubleshoot what's happening but may it be related with this solved post? Can you try the solution described there to see if it solves your issue?

Kind Regards,

I have tried this path  $parameters.FilePath = "Documents/";

But still not working. 

Is there any settings to be done on IOS device or some extra settings?

Hi kamini kiran,

Go through the document https://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/latest/reference/cordova-plugin-file/   File System Layouts and the physical paths for both iOS and Android is given.



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