Launching the New Daily/Weekly Digest

Hello OutSystems Community, 

I am the new Community Product Owner (which means I’m in charge of making sure new features and improvements to the community area of the site happen) and one of my first challenges was to improve our Community Digest.

I want to start by thanking all of you because this was a shared process where we listened to your valuable insights and feedback and built on it.

Drum roll… I am very glad to announce that starting tomorrowNew Digest will be live!

What changed?

  • The previous long, plain, and overpowered with text email was replaced by a more visual, shorter, and easier to read content providing more context

  • The promotion of this amazing content across the Community will also be more present and tailored to the site area

We developed a Digest easier and faster to read that can be tailored for your specific needs and time. 1, 2, 10 minutes to spare? No problem, the new Digest is suitable for all cases as you can also expand sections and go into more detail if you desire to know more... 

If you want to keep-up-to-date with the Community activity and still did not subscribe to the Digest, just go to your Profile -> Email Settings and subscribe!

Thank you for helping us improve the Community experience. We hope you like it! 

The Community Team 


Ps: We’d love to hear how you like the new format! At the end of the digest will be a rating and we’d appreciate it if you’d make a selection.

No doubt it's absolutely a shared process. Loved the changes in the content part. Thank You.

Great! Very nice process change, more precise and up to the points.


A great improvement.

Awesome, great improvement !

Great improvement !!

I am glad that my suggestions also considered in this new Improvement !! :) 


Nice , great improvement ...


Great!! That's an awesome improvement..

I love the idea, but it does not come through correctly for me in Outlook 365 - it appears to be missing most of the styles, and all the text appears by default so I actually see way more text now than before.  If I select "View in Browser" and use Microsoft Edge it opens an ".mht" file that just displays raw text/links.

I thought maybe it was related to enterprise security settings (even though I have OutSystems in my "safe senders" list) but I forwarded the message to my Gmail account and it looks more or less the same - maybe Outlook munged the formatting before sending?  

Anyway without the applied styles it's actually much harder to read than the old version.  If there is something I can change on my end to make that work please let me know!

Hello Douglas,

We are aware of the Outlook visual issues and trying to fix them.
For now, the only thing you can do to see it a bit better is opening the browser view of email.
Of course, we will try to solve it as quick as possible.

Thank you!

I have had the misfortune of trying to style email newsletters so I know it's not an easy task.  In the meantime I do not see a "view as a webpage" link in the email; when I use Outlook's "View in Browser" option I get raw text in Edge, like so:


Yes, you are right. To see it right you need to open on the browser the mailbox. The option "view in browser" inside outlook app does not work.
The issue is that Outlook does not support some basic CSS features and that's where we are struggling.
Nevertheless, the issue is being solved and you can expect improvements in the next weeks.
Thanks for the feedback :)

Hi Ricardo,

Today I received an Digest that was rendered perfectly in Outlook! Thank you for solving this issue. It is much appreciated. 



Hello Vincent,

Yes, the major Outlook rendering issues are solved.
We still have some minor changes to do, mainly in mobile, but it was a great improvement.

Thank you for your feedback and keep helping us improving our products!

Hey Douglas,

Just to share that several improvements were made in the Digest to solve the rendering issues in the Outlook.
You can see in the today Daily or wait for the next weekly. 

Thanks for you feedback :)

Thanks Ricardo, It's indeed an awesome improvement.

Feedback (as a next step): I as a user, would like to control the frequency of the community digest e.g. Once per week (with top rated/trending/announcements), or daily feed.

Wow! That's an awesome idea :D .... Let me put this in.

Here is the idea I just submitted Community Digest email frequency.

Please vote, if you like it.

Hey Swatantra Kumar,

It is a good Ideas but we already have it implemented.

You can go to your Profile Settings -> Emails preferences and define the Digest email frequency:

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks, I noticed. Jennifer showed me in her comment on the idea.

This has been irritating me for some time now, your email is always clipped in Gmail....

When the size of the email exceeds the 102 KB limit, Gmail hides the full content behind a “[Message clipped] View Entire Message” link.

This is often due to the email object containing an inappropriately large theme or lots of images.  Perhaps try and compress the images for compiling the email.

Hello Charles,

I completely understand your point,

However, the main issue is not with the image size but the extension of the links.
We will try to see if we can shorten the encrypted links to decrease the number of Digest with [Message clipped].

Thank you for your feedback

Awesome :D 


Hi @Ricardo Sequeira, thanks for the updates. This is good improvement.

May I know whether it's possible to subscribe to only new releases? One of our customers is now checking our release note page on a daily basis. They need to make sure they apply patches related to security fixes in the shortest time possible.

Appreciate if anyone in the community can share some good tips for such scenario :)

Thank you!

I can't change preferences in 10/2022. I get 404 error

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