Configuration Tool 11 - Cache tab error

I am using a simple password, so I know it's not an invalid character.  I click the Create/Upgrade Service button, it runs as if nothing wrong happened.  When I click the Test Connection button I get the following error.

"Connection to cache invalidation service failed: One or more errors occurred..  None of the specified endpoints were reachable"

What am I doing wrong?


Hi Mark.

On version 11 OutSystems uses RabiitMQ as the cache invalidation mechanism.

When running the configuration tool you have to configure it.

If it os not installed make sure you install it before testing, and also make sure you used the right IP address.

You can check more details about it here.

Seeing the message I imagine that your server is not able to communicate with the address you are using for the RabbitMQ.

Let me know if that helped :)

Cheers and Regards

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