Assign Data which gets stores in one column to two different columns
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Hi Team,

I have a scenario where In Item column of the aggregate, two types of data is coming one postcode data and other incident data, So, I need to keep the postcode data in that item column only and want to insert incident data to new column.

The data which is coming in item column is through search server action in which if user searches postcode or incident it gets stored in same column.

Hi Aditya,

you can use split string function to split the data and then you can store it accordingly ,

this two links can help you to get this done,

Hope this help 

Kind Regards,

Can u plz provide an example, cuz i didnt get it thoroughly.

then are you not able to solve the issue ?

Can you plz provide a snapshot of your aggregate with data so that we can clearly get what is the issue exactly?

Plz go through the screenshot


Is there any specific formate of the value in the search item column? so that  we can substring in aggregate according that like below

In the search item, both the postcode and incident data is getting fetched, what i need to do is, i need to insert the Incident data to new column.

in this image 

HU11 5HX     is the combination of both postcode and incident or it is postcode

Hi Amit,

thanks for the help, but, if I search any new data like incd or postcode, it doesnt get created in the table so how will we know that incd is getting assigned to incident column and vice versa?

Sorry, unable to get you clearly, do you want to create data in the table also with search. is it the case? please describe your requirement briefly with sample.

Yes, when user search the incd or postcode, it will create a data and as of now both data is getting fetched to search item column, so, if its an incd data, it will get assigned to incident column and postcode will remain in the searchitem column.

yes, when you want to create for that table it should store in the main column like 

please check

this page also avaialble in the earlier shared oml.

you can create logic during the search to insert the data according that..

Yeah, Thanks Amit. I got it and have made changes as per requirement.

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